At Honeychurch, we believe in the redeeming power that unconditional love brings to the human experience.  We love that in spite of the occasional cultural cynicism toward marriage, brave souls continue to leap into the deep mysterious waters of this life long commitment…hand in hand.  Love heals, brings comfort, is beautiful and above all, love is eternal.  We humans don’t always get it right…but love is always right.  

With that in mind, when we document this most set apart of days, we have a few goals.  

We want to communicate what is most true and most beautiful about you while celebrating the goodness of marriage. 

To accomplish those goals, we use our unique perspective as artists and storytellers to communicate your story.  We devote ourselves to the discreet work of capturing the moments and details that make you and your day unique.  We tell your story through the powerful medium of the photograph and interpret it through our lens.   

When the hustle and bustle of planning, inviting, and celebrating dies down, few things remain.  You may preserve the dress and a memento or two of the occasion but given enough time, even your once vivid memories will turn to abstract impressions and eventually fade. 

At Honeychurch, our singular passion is to document the beauty and emotion that make your wedding story special so that it may be enjoyed for generations to come.  

Congratulations on your engagement. Please contact us for our pricing menu and for more information on how we can tell your story.